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A “mix and measure” procedure
to address biomarkers and cytokines

Forget ELISA, use HTRF® kits!

Cisbio Bioassays has developed a line of high quality products addressing biomarkers to meet the needs of multiple therapeutic areas such as inflammation, oncology, metabolic disease or CNS. The assay kits are being used by academic and industrial life science researchers through all steps of drug screening and characterization, for both small molecule and biologic investigation. All assays are compatible with cell supernatants and whole cells. Using straightforward protocols, they are ideal for R&D primary and secondary screenings. In addition to the ready-to-use kits, we provide custom services to meet your specific needs in a confidential and collaborative environment.

Make the move to simpler and more cost effective assays by using our truly homogeneous HTRF technology.


Literature highlights

Use of HTRF cell-based sandwich assays for  IL6, IL8 and GRO-alpha assessments on human astrocytes

Validation of HTRF SIRT1 assay for either HTS activators or inhibitors.

HTRF IL6 and IL8 assays used to monitor NFkB pathway: HTS with HTRF is faster, and easier to adapt than ELISA (by Novartis).


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