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Biochemical and cell-based assay development

Get your assays developed by our experts!

Cisbio Bioassays offers assay development services for the creation and optimization of HTRF® assays. Our scientific experts have over two decades of experience in assay design, protein chemistry and fluorescence methodologies, ready to serve your screening projects. They are at your disposal to tailor our technologies to your needs, and to provide you with assay solutions that make daily experiments easier, more reliable and robust.

Assay development is customized to meet each user’s needs: assay developments for new targets or conversion of existing assays to HTRF technology. All operations are performed under strict confidentiality guidelines.

The assay feasibility study

Also referred to as a paper study, this first step of the assay development process includes:

  • Assay specification
  • Reagent description
  • Possible assay formats
  • Development timeline


Assay development and transfer

  • A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to give regular project updates
  • Assay development projects are generally completed within 4 to 8 weeks
  • A final technical report and a minimum of 2,000 tests are provided
  • When required, assay implementation can be conducted in your laboratory


A development process that you can control

Assay development is a multistep process conducted by Cisbio in collaboration with you. As shown in the diagram, the overall process can be split into three main phases: feasibility study, assay development and transfer.



Ordering information

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